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Finding a Conveyancer - Would You Let an Estate Agent Push You?

One of the most important people that first-time buyers may have to deal with when buying a property is an estate agent. But quite just as importantly, let’s not skipping the right choice in terms of which conveyancer to hire. And most of the time, estate agents may just recommend someone they know or are (secretly) working with to make the process go faster. The question remains though, would you let the estate agent push you into hiring their recommended conveyancer?

Most of the time, estate agents can sense that you may not have a conveyancer in mind yet. And perhaps because of some internal pressure from the company they’re in, they will use it to your advantage and say everything (or do what it takes) to make you hire someone they know. It could be a conveyancing firm tied up with the estate company, or someone who can give them a hefty sum in referral commissions. Get your own conveyancing quotes and save yourself some money.

There are also a number of independent estate agents in it for the money. Just the same, the referral bonus they will get from the conveyancers they refer to you awaits their pockets. But do you need to give in? What if the “recommended” conveyancer’s reputation and competence is questionable? Is so many cases, clueless buyers are often referred to conveyancing factories without a slight assurance of coordinated processes and update system. These then just go round in circles, causing a great amount of stress for them

If you want to avoid these messed up conveyancing processes, then you should know you don’t have to necessarily instruct that lawyer that the estate agent pushes you into hiring. You have every right to your own choice, although there are still agents who may recommend someone really competent and diligent.

If you trust the estate agent quite a lot, you may choose to listen to their recommendations and do your own check about the conveyancer in question. See if they are really referring someone based on abilities and expertise over just monetary compensation. Some agents may have actually worked with the conveyancers they are referring and don’t get as hefty commissions.

If they are recommending someone you believe to be trustworthy, it is still your call whether to accept or not. If you think there’s something dodgy about the suggestion itself or the person/conveyancing firm being recommended, then by all means, say no.

Your own instincts can be a good indicator whether to accept the estate agent’s suggestion or not. However, you might still find it very helpful if you’re going to do a bit of research. Check the conveyancer’s history and reputation on the Internet; read about their company on the official website; and see how much value they are able to give for your money.

Always remember that the agent will not be paying for the conveyancing services, so you don’t really have to say yes to whoever they are suggesting that you instruct. If they cannot guarantee a smooth process with their recommendation, they you have every reason to doubt them and go somewhere else.

To help you even further, find out as much about the following:

if the conveyancer uses effective tools to communicate with you to give updates

if they are well-versed in dealing with different scenarios in terms of buying processes

if they are working long enough to make sure that they get the entire process sorted property

if they are giving you the best value for your money by making sure that the tasks they complete are compliant to regulations and quality standards

and if they can at least follow the timeline and find a workaround if an issue or a possible delay is foreseen

And while you can find your estate agent being helpful by recommending a conveyancing firm they know, looking for and choosing your own can help you avoid the following

being forwarded to dodgy conveyancing firms with no known coordinated system

dealing with a cheap conveyancer with poor performance that you’re forced to hire someone else, hence delaying your expected completion timeline

Do not forget that buying a property, especially for the first time, is a crucial process and it’s important that you get the legal process right, otherwise you might end up not legally owning the property you spent so much money on. It is a huge financial responsibility and you want to get it right, so choose a conveyancer who can guarantee a smooth and stress-free process from negotiating the offer to moving in.